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Charity from Odo!

From each book sold, 1.00 Euro goes to LICHT FÜR DIE WELT.

Equal rights and opportunities for all

Together with people with disabilities, LICHT FÜR DIE WELT is working to bring about lasting change and make the world a fairer place. We are committed to ensuring that all people have equal rights and opportunities. Only if we include people with disabilities at all levels can we fight poverty sustainably. Because disability causes poverty – and poverty causes disability.

LIGHT FOR THE WORLD is known worldwide for preventing and curing avoidable blindness. We enable cataract surgeries, build hospitals, support the training of ophthalmologists and opticians, and aim to finally conquer the eye disease trachoma by 2020.

Our goal: an inclusive world

Cataract surgeries, rehabilitation programs for children, inclusive education, sports for the disabled – all our programs have a common purpose. They enable people with disabilities to lead self-determined lives and help them and the countries in which they live out of the poverty trap.

This brings us step by step closer to the goal of LIGHT FOR THE WORLD: an inclusive world in which all people have equal rights and in which we can all participate together.