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“Children’s books should be a mirror of the world and a window to the world at the same time. A mirror that children can use to learn to reflect on their lives and a window that gives them a chance to learn about the life of another child. Storytelling should likewise be a mirror of society. A story that WE should all be a part of.”

The world of children is colourful

If children’s books show more diversity, this will also gradually help people to stop talking about it.
about the fact that someone looks “different. And that in turn helps to reduce stereotypical views.
Children fundamentally perceive themselves as normal and approach other children that way.
If they read stories about children with different skin colors at an early age, they don’t develop an
a stereotyped way of perceiving the world, and the feeling of “They look different!
“They look different!”, does not arise in the first place.

Dayan Kodua

Founder and publisher of gratitude publishing house

“In children’s books, diversity should take place in terms of culture and skin color. This gives children with a different skin color or cultural background positive identification figures. Because often in school and in the media, for example, black children are often talked about in connection with topics such as poverty or war.
Stereotypical portrayals in film and television do the rest. So it is very important for me to start there, where the human being grows and can learn easily. There where the human being is still “malleable”! With the children! Therefore, it is all the more important to present diverse books and toys to the children, especially in the kindergartens. In the hope that the children will also thereby become open-minded young people and adults.”